FOREIGN ENTANGLEMENTS: Ukraine, Biden & the Fractured American Political Consensus

FOREIGN ENTANGLEMENTS: Ukraine, Biden & the Fractured American Political Consensus


What is it about Ukraine that seems to prevent the foreign policy Blob from finding a way out, as happened in Korea, Viet-Nam and Cambodia?

Can it be because Ukraine remains to this day the exclusive playground of a concentration of interests which, taken all together, constitute a who’s who of the Washington Establishment—including DARPA, DTRA, the EcoHealth Alliance, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to name but a few. For years, Kiev had served as a home away from home to US political figures and their offspring, furthering Ukraine’s deserved reputation for being one of the most corrupt places on Earth. For years, Ukraine offered all of them opportunities to advance their respective projects and operate with total impunity.

Arnaud Develay dives into the murky waters of Washington’s “external management” of Ukraine dating back to the infamous Maidan coup d’état and extending forward to include the political weaponization of law and elections foibles, past and forthcoming, reflecting the fracturing of the American political class.

It’s one hell of an expose, full of the nitty-gritty on how America seems ready and willing to tear itself apart.

“Arnaud Develay’s new book is a must-read!  This book shows how the corruption and lies of the liberal political establishment in the US has inexorably led to the terrible war in Ukraine.  Develay also demonstrates how democracy itself has been compromised and undermined, potentially fatally, in the process.  This insightful book is a crucial antidote to the incessant media propaganda which is helping to prop up a corrupt political system leading us to the brink of nuclear war.” Daniel Kovalik, Professor, University of Pittsburg School of Law and author of seven books

“An eye-opening account delving into the U.S. regime change scheme in Ukraine that masked high-level corruption and destroyed a country.”  Dr. Cynthia McKinney, former Congresswoman and Green Party Presidential Candidate

“Hard-hitting and comprehensive, Develay’s investigative treatise uncovers the real nexus of Ukrainian and U.S. Democratic Party establishment corruption. For anyone interested in what really happened, this book should be at the top of their reading list.” Patrick Henningsen, journalist and founder of 21st Century Wire


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WHY THE WORLD NEEDS CHINA: Development, Environmentalism, Conflict Resolution & Common Prosperity

WHY THE WORLD NEEDS CHINA: Development, Environmentalism, Conflict Resolution & Common Prosperity

While the US portrays itself as a noble example of freedom and democracy, it has in fact led the world to greater inequality than ever before. But now, for the first time in decades, nations facing the brunt of its domination and exploitation have alternative, more tenable options in pursuit of development. Chinese finance is building badly-needed infrastructure where the West would not, Chinese commerce is providing a lifeline to countries the US has targeted for destruction, and Chinese industry is producing new sources of renewable and transition energy at an unparalleled rate. This book addresses:

  • China’s development and political economy based on independent studies, statistical data, and comparative analysis
  • Current geopolitical conflicts and major developments and their relation to China
  • Chinese finance and its effect on the rest of the world, particularly Africa.
  • China’s profound emphasis on environmentalism, renewable energy, and plan for the future.

Though it has yet to fully step into this role, the People’s Republic of China has become the de facto leader of a future multipolar world.

“Indeed, it is precisely China’s distinguishing itself from US super-imperialism in terms of its approaches to ecosustainability, international multipolarity, opposition to settler colonialism and so forth, concludes Ferrana, that has seen it become the object of relentless Western propaganda and misinformation.”    RICHARD WESTRA is University Professor at the University of Opole, Poland, Adjunct Professor in the Center for Macau Studies, University of Macau, and co-editor of Journal of Contemporary Asia.

“With Why the World Needs China, Kyle Ferrana provides readers in the West with a hugely informative, readable and thought-provoking account of China’s political economy and its relationship to the global process of ending imperialism and transitioning to a multipolar world order. Weaving together threads of history, economics and geopolitics, Ferrana creates a compelling and inspiring narrative about Chinese socialism and China’s place in the world, and in so doing, demolishes a range of popular myths: that China has “gone capitalist”, that it is an imperialist power, that it is a serial human rights abuser. Everyone will benefit from reading this book.”  CARLOS MARTINEZ, co-editor of Friends of Socialist China and author of The East is Still Red – Chinese Socialism in the 21st Century

“Kyle Ferrana’s book is a methodical analysis of the unequal global economy led by the US, and of China’s post-colonial struggle against this system and for sovereign economic development. Because only economic planning on a sovereign basis can save our planet, understanding recent Chinese history through Why the World Needs China is an antidote to both Sinophobia and to despair.” JUSTIN PUDOR, host of the Anti-Empire Project, Associate Professor at York University’s Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, and co-author of Extraordinary Threat: The US Empire, the Media, and 20 Years of Coup Attempts in Venezuela 

“Kyle Ferrana has done important work in this brilliant book. The scope of the work is ambitious; it analyzes the history of the evolution of imperialism, while convincingly showing how China is creating the conditions for a new world-system, one in which the Global South can finally reverse centuries of underdevelopment. Through careful and thorough research, Ferrana provides a useful corrective to the myth that China abandoned socialism. This book offers a much-needed update to historical-materialist theory of imperialism for the 21st century.” BENJAMIN NORTON, founder and editor-in-chief of Geopolitical Economy Report

“Kyle has written a beautiful book. In a time when we are bombarded with lies and propaganda, he offers us an exploration into China. Our efforts at China Is Not Our Enemy are for all of us to see each other in ways that lead to cooperation, appreciation and working together for a vibrant future for all. I felt at the core of Kyle’s book is this offering; a pathway to peace.” JODIE EVANS, co-founder CODEPINK and China Is Not Our Enemy

“Emulating noted French sociologist Emmanuel Todd’s rigor in relying on core data rather than ideology, Kyle Ferrana’s Why the World Needs China thoroughly debunks Washington’s trope that China is likely to initiate a conflict as unsubstantiated, as such leaving one to wonder whether US elites aren’t simply projecting onto Beijing their own proclivities to engage in warfare.” ARNAUD DEVELAY, International Attorney at Law 


“Surely, this book is a much-welcome and much-needed antidote to the endless anti-China rhetoric being pumped out by the White House and regurgitated by the compliant mainstream press.”
DANIEL KOVALIK is a lawyer, educator, author and peace activist


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The promotion and protection of human rights is a pillar of the United Nations, enshrined in the Charter, the international bill of rights,  General Assembly resolutions and declarations, and buttressed by monitoring mechanisms, expert committees and regional human rights courts. Drawing on more than four decades of working in the field of human rights as UN staff member, rapporteur, consultant, member of UN expert panels, professor and NGO president, Alfred de Zayas examines how the tools of implementation of human rights serve to entrench political narratives promoted by the “industry”.

“Alfred de Zayas offers us an invaluable insider’s account of how the global system created after World War II to protect human rights is brazenly manipulated by the United States Government and others for geopolitical ends.  De Zayas is a human rights leader of remarkable insight, experience, wisdom, and integrity, whose account is both searing and hugely constructive.  He makes vividly clear why we must, and how we can, truly champion peace and human rights.”   JEFFREY D. SACHS, University Professor at Columbia University

“Alfred de Zayas is an experienced human rights scholar, knowledgeable and straightforward.  Worth reading in depth.”
PROFESSOR MARC BOSSUYT, former President of the Belgian Constitutional Court and member of the UN Sub-Commission on Promotion and Protection of Human Rights

“Alfred de Zayas provides a candid view of the ‘human rights industry’ from the perspective of someone who has been inside the system for almost five decades. Like the whistleblowers he cites in the book’s dedication, Alfred is willing to provide a glimpse into the good and bad of the UN’s growing human rights industry.”
CURTIS DOEBBLER, Research Professor of Law at the University of Makeni (Sierra Leone), representative of the NGO to UN Headquarters

“This book is a long-overdue critique of the human rights system by someone who truly values human rights and who has a unique and valuable perspective as a human rights practitioner for 50 years… I highly recommend this book for experts, practitioners, and lay readers alike.”
DANIEL KOVALIK, professor of International Human Rights at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, and author, No More War: How the West Violates International Law by Using “Humanitarian” Intervention to Advance Economic and Strategic Interests

” Professor de Zayas raises important issues about the politicization of the UN Human Rights Office and the Human Rights Council. He formulates pragmatic proposals for the reform of UN human rights institutions in the spirit of the UN Charter. The book is supported by hundreds of credible sources and calls for serious debate.” PROFESSOR TIAN LI, Director of the Center for Human Rights and Peaceful Development & Associate Professor of School of Law, Shandong University, China



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NICARAGUA:  A History of US Intervention & Resistance

NICARAGUA: A History of US Intervention & Resistance


This book explores the pernicious nature of US engagement with Nicaragua from the mid-19th  century to the present in pursuit of control and domination rather than in defense of democracy as it has incessantly claimed. In turn, Nicaraguans have valiantly defended their homeland, preventing the US from ever maintaining its control for long.

Led by Daniel Ortega, the Sandinistas established democracy in Nicaragua with the country’s first free and fair elections in 1984. Once again, the US attempted to subvert democracy by organizing Somoza’s former National Guardsmen into a terrorist group known as the Contras.  Directed and funded by the CIA, the Contras would terrorize Nicaragua for nearly 10 years.

In 1990, the Sandinistas stood for early election and the war-weary voters selected Violeta Chamorro. The Sandinistas relinquished office peacefully stepped, ceding the government to Chamorro. For 17 long years, from 1990 to 2007, neo-liberal governments, beginning with Violetta Chamorro, governed Nicaragua.  Backed by the US, these governments neglected the people, leaving almost half of the country un-electrified, without decent education or health care, and in poverty. When Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas returned to power in 2007 through elections, they immediately established free health care and education,  built infrastructure throughout the country, and began to eradicate poverty. Now, almost 100% of the country is electrified; poverty and extreme poverty have been greatly diminished; and the UN has ranked Nicaragua 5th in the world for gender equality three years in a row.

“Professor Kovalik sweeps away fake news and fake history disseminated by the mainstream media concerning Nicaragua, documenting a gruesome history of US interventionism and crimes in Nicaragua. Highlighting the achievements of the Sandinistas in the field of human rights and social justice, he refutes US caricatures and denounces CIA attempts to destabilize Nicaragua to facilitate undemocratic ‘regime change’.” ALFRED DE ZAYAS, UN Independent Expert for the promotion of an international democratic and equitable order

“Kovalik’s book, written from the perspective of someone who has been visiting the country for decades and immersing himself in the Nicaraguan reality of daily life, is a refreshing reminder that it is still possible to write truthfully about history.” MAX BLUMENTHAL, The Grayzone

“Kovalik demolishes the dominant Western narrative. He shares the hard-won gains of today’s Nicaragua, explains Daniel Ortega’s enduring popularity and powerfully defends why the Sandinistas are deserving of our continued solidarity. This book is must-read to understand Nicaragua in the 21st century and fills a stark gap in contemporary Latin American Studies. May it lead to further study in situ and less arm-chair pontificating by politicians and intellectuals.” SOFIA M. CLARK, Professor of Political Science, UNAN-Managua.

“Daniel Kovalik, international human rights attorney, who has been visiting Nicaragua since 1987, has provided a clearly written and well-documented (453 Endnotes) factual account of an honest history of Nicaragua from the 1850s to the present in less than 180 pages. By reading this account, the reader will be well versed to contradict the constant lies presented to the public by the incredibly controlled corporate and Silicon Valley news media.  Hats off to Mr. Kovalik, for setting the record straight.”   S. BRIAN WILLSON, lawyer,  author of Don’t Thank Me For My Service, resident of Nicaragua

“Kovalik’s book, written from the perspective of someone who has been visiting the country for decades and immersing himself in the Nicaraguan reality of daily life, is a refreshing reminder that it is still possible to write truthfully about history.” PATRICIO ZAMARANO, Director of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs,



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OBAMA’S UNENDING WARS  Fronting the Foreign Policy of the Permanent Warfare State

OBAMA’S UNENDING WARS Fronting the Foreign Policy of the Permanent Warfare State

“Kuzmarov’s book is serious and fair and should prompt historians — and the rest of us — to reevaluate Obama’s legacy.”
BRIAN D’HAESELEER, Washington Post

“In ways no one else has done, Kuzmarov punctures Obama’s phony liberal and humanitarian veneer and skillfully deconstructs the carefully crafted Obama creation myth…” PETER KUZNICK, co-author with Oliver Stone of The Untold History of the United States

“Barack Obama seemed skeptical of militarism, but then bombed Libya & Syria, sent more troops to Iraq and Afghanistan & escalated Cold War with Russia. Why and how? Read Obama’s Unending Wars: Fronting the Foreign Policy of the Permanent Warfare State.”  STEPHEN KINZER
“Kuzmarov shows how many white progressives, who, in their anxiety to reject any racist appearance, embraced this warmongering president. Obama also convinced most African-Americans to give him leeway to do them justice, which he never did. ”  RON RIDENOUR, Black Agenda Report
“Kuzmarov’s latest is not just a disturbing look at Obama’s disastrous interventions abroad, it is a devastatingly clinical analysis of the cynical thinking that defines the Democratic Party’s foreign policy consensus – and of the public relations tactics the party’s leadership applies to sell it to their liberal base. As such, it is a critical guidebook to the 2020 primary field. “
MAX BLUMENTHAL, author of The Management of Savagery

“For all those liberals who have romanticized Barack Obama as an enlightened leader of the people, Jeremy Kuzmarov busts through such myths with a well-documented book showing Obama for what he was and is — the kind face of US imperial aggression.  This is a must-read for anyone believing that simply getting rid of Trump and returning to ‘normal’ is a way forward.”—DAN KOVALIK, author of The Plot to Control the World

“This important book is an urgent reminder that the forever wars of the United States are a bipartisan affair; in this in-depth study of the Obama presidency, Jeremy Kuzmarov documents the continued imperial domination policies and actions.”—ROXANNE DUNBAR-ORTIZ, author of An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States
“Clarity Press is a good publisher for authors willing to provide real information in place of the officially sanctioned controlled explanations of our time. A current example is Jeremy Kuzmarov’s assessment of Obama, Obama’s Unending Wars. The forty-fourth president comes across as a successful front man for corporate rule and Washington’s imperialism.” PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS


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