NICARAGUA:  A History of US Intervention & Resistance

NICARAGUA: A History of US Intervention & Resistance


This book explores the pernicious nature of US engagement with Nicaragua from the mid-19th  century to the present in pursuit of control and domination rather than in defense of democracy as it has incessantly claimed. In turn, Nicaraguans have valiantly defended their homeland, preventing the US from ever maintaining its control for long.

Led by Daniel Ortega, the Sandinistas established democracy in Nicaragua with the country’s first free and fair elections in 1984. Once again, the US attempted to subvert democracy by organizing Somoza’s former National Guardsmen into a terrorist group known as the Contras.  Directed and funded by the CIA, the Contras would terrorize Nicaragua for nearly 10 years.

In 1990, the Sandinistas stood for early election and the war-weary voters selected Violeta Chamorro. The Sandinistas relinquished office peacefully stepped, ceding the government to Chamorro. For 17 long years, from 1990 to 2007, neo-liberal governments, beginning with Violetta Chamorro, governed Nicaragua.  Backed by the US, these governments neglected the people, leaving almost half of the country un-electrified, without decent education or health care, and in poverty. When Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas returned to power in 2007 through elections, they immediately established free health care and education,  built infrastructure throughout the country, and began to eradicate poverty. Now, almost 100% of the country is electrified; poverty and extreme poverty have been greatly diminished; and the UN has ranked Nicaragua 5th in the world for gender equality three years in a row.

“Professor Kovalik sweeps away fake news and fake history disseminated by the mainstream media concerning Nicaragua, documenting a gruesome history of US interventionism and crimes in Nicaragua. Highlighting the achievements of the Sandinistas in the field of human rights and social justice, he refutes US caricatures and denounces CIA attempts to destabilize Nicaragua to facilitate undemocratic ‘regime change’.” ALFRED DE ZAYAS, UN Independent Expert for the promotion of an international democratic and equitable order

“Kovalik’s book, written from the perspective of someone who has been visiting the country for decades and immersing himself in the Nicaraguan reality of daily life, is a refreshing reminder that it is still possible to write truthfully about history.” MAX BLUMENTHAL, The Grayzone

“Kovalik demolishes the dominant Western narrative. He shares the hard-won gains of today’s Nicaragua, explains Daniel Ortega’s enduring popularity and powerfully defends why the Sandinistas are deserving of our continued solidarity. This book is must-read to understand Nicaragua in the 21st century and fills a stark gap in contemporary Latin American Studies. May it lead to further study in situ and less arm-chair pontificating by politicians and intellectuals.” SOFIA M. CLARK, Professor of Political Science, UNAN-Managua.

“Daniel Kovalik, international human rights attorney, who has been visiting Nicaragua since 1987, has provided a clearly written and well-documented (453 Endnotes) factual account of an honest history of Nicaragua from the 1850s to the present in less than 180 pages. By reading this account, the reader will be well versed to contradict the constant lies presented to the public by the incredibly controlled corporate and Silicon Valley news media.  Hats off to Mr. Kovalik, for setting the record straight.”   S. BRIAN WILLSON, lawyer,  author of Don’t Thank Me For My Service, resident of Nicaragua

“Kovalik’s book, written from the perspective of someone who has been visiting the country for decades and immersing himself in the Nicaraguan reality of daily life, is a refreshing reminder that it is still possible to write truthfully about history.” PATRICIO ZAMARANO, Director of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs,



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OBAMA’S UNENDING WARS  Fronting the Foreign Policy of the Permanent Warfare State

OBAMA’S UNENDING WARS Fronting the Foreign Policy of the Permanent Warfare State

“Kuzmarov’s book is serious and fair and should prompt historians — and the rest of us — to reevaluate Obama’s legacy.”
BRIAN D’HAESELEER, Washington Post

“In ways no one else has done, Kuzmarov punctures Obama’s phony liberal and humanitarian veneer and skillfully deconstructs the carefully crafted Obama creation myth…” PETER KUZNICK, co-author with Oliver Stone of The Untold History of the United States

“Barack Obama seemed skeptical of militarism, but then bombed Libya & Syria, sent more troops to Iraq and Afghanistan & escalated Cold War with Russia. Why and how? Read Obama’s Unending Wars: Fronting the Foreign Policy of the Permanent Warfare State.”  STEPHEN KINZER
“Kuzmarov shows how many white progressives, who, in their anxiety to reject any racist appearance, embraced this warmongering president. Obama also convinced most African-Americans to give him leeway to do them justice, which he never did. ”  RON RIDENOUR, Black Agenda Report
“Kuzmarov’s latest is not just a disturbing look at Obama’s disastrous interventions abroad, it is a devastatingly clinical analysis of the cynical thinking that defines the Democratic Party’s foreign policy consensus – and of the public relations tactics the party’s leadership applies to sell it to their liberal base. As such, it is a critical guidebook to the 2020 primary field. “
MAX BLUMENTHAL, author of The Management of Savagery

“For all those liberals who have romanticized Barack Obama as an enlightened leader of the people, Jeremy Kuzmarov busts through such myths with a well-documented book showing Obama for what he was and is — the kind face of US imperial aggression.  This is a must-read for anyone believing that simply getting rid of Trump and returning to ‘normal’ is a way forward.”—DAN KOVALIK, author of The Plot to Control the World

“This important book is an urgent reminder that the forever wars of the United States are a bipartisan affair; in this in-depth study of the Obama presidency, Jeremy Kuzmarov documents the continued imperial domination policies and actions.”—ROXANNE DUNBAR-ORTIZ, author of An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States
“Clarity Press is a good publisher for authors willing to provide real information in place of the officially sanctioned controlled explanations of our time. A current example is Jeremy Kuzmarov’s assessment of Obama, Obama’s Unending Wars. The forty-fourth president comes across as a successful front man for corporate rule and Washington’s imperialism.” PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS


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