The Kanaka Maoli
Route to Independence

Francis A. Boyle

ISBN: 978-0-9860731-7-5
$19.95 /  pp.196 / 2014

ISBN: 978-0-9860731-9-9
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    Chapter 1.
    Kanaka Maoli Genocide

    Chapter 2.
    Kanaka Maoli Sovereignty

    Chapter 3.
    Kanaka Maoli Independence

    Chapter 4.
    The Hawaiian Kingdom at the
    United States Supreme Court

    Chapter 5.
    The Kanaka Maoli Reject
    Chapter 6.
    Restoring the Kingdom of Hawaii




    In 1993, the United States Congress enacted a solemn Apology  for the United
    States invasion of Hawaii, admitting one hundred years later that “the
    indigenous Hawaiian people never directly relinquished their claims to their
    inherent sovereignty as a people or over their national lands to the United
    States.”  It thereby admitted the illegality of its incorporation of Hawaii into
    America as its 50th state,  opening the door for Hawaiian Independence and the
    restoration of the Kingdom of Hawaii.  This book chronicles the legal battle
    waged toward that end by international law expert Francis A. Boyle on behalf of
    his Kanaka Maoli clients and friends that spans almost two and a half decades.  
    As of this publication, that struggle has reached a decisive turning point which,
    if pursued following Boyle’s strategy, will lead on to the victory of restoring the
    1893 Kingdom of Hawaii by the Kanaka Maoli.

    This book serves as a guide for the pursuit of self-determination by occupied
    nations and indigenous peoples who can no longer claim numerical majorities
    over the whole of their native lands.  It incorporates insights derived from legal
    work Boyle has done for Palestine, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Puerto
    Rico, Ireland and elsewhere around the world.  Francis Boyle outlines what the
    Kanaka Maoli have done and must do to restore their state's independence, de
    facto and de jure. He details the arduous process of self-organization by
    disempowered peoples necessary to replicate the  sovereign  status  of
    governments and states in today’s world, from setting up governing structures
    and an economic system, to the sophisticated process of embarking on
    establishing relationships with and gaining recognition by states.  There is much
    to learn here on how to create a state for peoples who don’t have one yet.  This
    book is of critical importance to those scholars, leaders, and activists working in
    the fields of International Law, Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples, Oppressed
    Nations, and Nation-Building.  There is no other such book in print synthesizing
    expertise in all these areas into a coherent whole for the benefit of oppressed
    nations and persecuted peoples all over the world.


    "Restoring the Kingdom of Hawaii is a powerful book on one of the most controversial matters of
    international law in today's world:  'self-determination' -- the right of all peoples to govern
    themselves by themselves, without alien interference, so as to freely determine their political
    status and economic, social and cultural development...Professor Boyle pleads magistrally in
    this book the case for the restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom from the perspective of the
    internaitonal law right of self-determination."
    Lilliana Popa, African Journal of International and Comparative Law, Volume 24, Issue 3

    "Beyond the analysis that is developed in Restoring the Kingdom of Hawaii from an international
    law perspective and addressed exclusively to specialists (scholars and practitioners), the
    general reader may discover in this book a captivating narrative, which evokes a story of a
    humiliated People, made to kneel and enslaved in their own country for more than two hundred
    years. This People, the native Hawaiians, are now struggling for survival and independence
    under the threat of an imminent extinction, inflicted by an oppressor infinitely superior in power.
    In this unequal battle, they have on their side solely international law."
    Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law, 24.3

    "[Boyle's] suggestions include the advice of Queen Liliuokalani, to let the people make the
    decision, and have an elected constitutional monarchy. He reveals many options that would be
    decided by the people. Boyle believes that there is power for oppressed people through
    international law based on the legal work he has done for Palestine, Bosnia, Ireland, Lithuania,
    Puerto Rico and other countries throughout the world..."
    Huffington Post

    "Honest defender of oppressed peoples, naturally  supported by a deep knowledge of the issue
    and its legal implications, Boyle shows that the restoration of the Hawaiian monarchy is not a
    bizarre fantasy, but that there are the conditions to achieve it. Required reading for the Italians
    dealing with indigenous issues, given that in our country the issue is completely ignored."

    centro di documentazione sui popoli minacciati, Italy