More about Paul Craig Roberts and the Media that
    you should know:

    "I was associate editor and columnist for the Wall
    Street Journal. I was Business Week’s first outside
    columnist, a position I held for 15 years. I was
    columnist for a decade for Scripps Howard News
    Service, carried in 300 newspapers. I was a
    columnist for the Washington Times and for
    newspapers in France and Italy and for a magazine
    in Germany. I was a contributor to the New York
    Times and a regular feature in the Los Angeles Times.

    Today I cannot publish in, or appear on, the
    American “mainstream media.”  For the last six years
    I have been banned from the “mainstream media.”
    My last column in The New York Times appeared in
    January, 2004, coauthored with Democratic U.S.
    Senator Charles Schumer representing New York.
    We addressed the offshoring of U.S. jobs. Our op-ed
    article produced a conference at the Brookings
    Institution in Washington, D.C. and live coverage by
    C-Span. A debate was launched. No such thing could
    happen today.

    For years I was a mainstay at the Washington Times,
    producing credibility for the Moony newspaper as a
    Business Week columnist, former Wall Street Journal
    editor, and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S.
    Treasury. But when I began criticizing Bush’s wars
    of aggression, the order came down to Mary Lou
    Forbes to cancel my column.

    The American corporate media does not serve the
    truth.  It serves the government and the interest
    groups that empower the government."

America’s fate was sealed when the public and the anti-war movement bought the
government’s 9/11 conspiracy theory. The government’s account of 9/11 is contradicted
by much evidence. Nevertheless, this defining event of our time, which has launched the
US on interminable wars of aggression and a domestic police state, is a taboo topic for
investigation in the media. It is pointless to complain of war and a police state when one
accepts the premise upon which they are based.

These trillion dollar wars have created financing problems for Washington’s deficits and
threaten the U.S. dollar’s role as world reserve currency. The wars and the pressure that
the budget deficits put on the dollar’s value have put Social Security and Medicare on
the chopping block. Former Goldman Sachs chairman and U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank
Paulson is after these protections for the elderly. Fed chairman Bernanke is also after
them. The Republicans are after them as well. These protections are called
“entitlements” as if they are some sort of welfare that people have not paid for in payroll
taxes all their working lives.

With over 21 per cent unemployment as measured by the methodology of 1980, with
American jobs, GDP, and technology having been given to China and India, with war
being Washington’s greatest commitment, with the dollar over-burdened with debt, with
civil liberty sacrificed to the “war on terror,” the liberty and prosperity of the American
people have been thrown into the trash bin of history.

The militarism of the U.S. and Israeli states, and Wall Street and corporate greed, will now
run their course.


From 9/11 to the Police/Warfare State

Paul Craig Roberts

ISBN: 978-0-9860362-9-3
465 pp.  $29.95  .  2014



    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is a former Assistant
    Secretary of the US Treasury, member of the US
    Congressional staff,  associate editor and
    columnist for the Wall Street Journal, and
    columnist for Business Week, the Scripps Howard
    News Service, and Creators Syndicate.  He has
    held academic appointments in six universities,
    including the William E. Simon Chair in Political
    Economy, Center for Strategic and International
    Studies, Georgetown. He has testified before
    committees of Congress on 30 occasions. He is
    author or coauthor of ten books and numerous
    articles in scholarly journals

    Dr. Roberts was awarded the US Treasury’s
    Meritorious Service Award for “outstanding
    contributions to the formulation of US economic
    policy,” and France’s Legion of Honor as “the
    artisan of a renewal in economic science and
    policy after half a century of state interventionism”
    by the government of Francois Mitterrand.

    He was educated at Georgia Tech, the University
    of Virginia, the University of California, Berkeley,
    and Oxford University where he was a member of
    Merton College. Earlier works were published by
    Harvard University Press, Oxford University Press,
    Hoover Institution and Stanford University Press.

    Dr. Roberts is presently Chairman of the Institute
    for Political Economy.
Americans appear largely bystanders at the spectacle of their
government's flouting of the Constitution and international legal norms--
if ever they were aware of them in the first place--accepting to live in
the increasingly pernicious "new normal" with little protest.  

This remarkable anthology of columns documents and reminds us of
the extraordinary developments that, in their accumulation, have led to
the destruction of accountable and moral government in the US.  

Few American commentators have cut more clearly through the
deepening deceit, hypocrisy and outright criminality that has infested
official Washington since 9/11 than Paul Craig Roberts.  His scathing
critique sheds much-needed light on the country’s impending
nightmare—economic collapse, internal repression, ongoing wars, and
rising rejection by friends and foes alike.

How America Was Lost marks Roberts as one of the most prescient and
courageous moral commentators in America today.
“Americans are ruled by usurpers who claim that the executive branch is
above the law and that the US Constitution is a mere 'scrap of paper'.”
“The American people have suffered a coup d’etat, but they are hesitant to acknowledge it..."
All three titles by Paul Craig Roberts

"In How America Was Lost, Paul Craig Roberts focuses his keen eye and sharp mind on the
deterioration of government accountability and morality amidst the rise of hypocrisy and
recklessness in the wake of 9/11. Through the tangle of wars, aggression, decimation of
privacy, Wall Street protectionism and debt creation since, Roberts is relentless in his
well-reasoned criticisms of US leadership from an economic and military standpoint."
Nomi Prins
Author, All the Presidents' Bankers

"PCR is simply one of America's best chroniclers of this sad, brutal era of imperial
overreach and moral decline. Anyone who wants to understand where we've been
recently, where we are now, and where we're heading, had better read this book
Gary Corseri, Op-Ed News

"This anthology compiles a great number of valuable essays by one of America’s strident
critics. It is unfortunate that the fawning U. S. media do not print such excellent
Dr. Ludwig Watzal, Dissident Voice
PCR:  "Putin Holds
All the Cards"
King World News
Dec. 21, 2014
Address to the 70th
Anniversary of the
Yalta Conference,
Hosted by Institutes of
the Russian Academy of
Sciences and Moscow
State Institute of
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