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Dr abrahim Weizfeld

Dr abrahim Weizfeld Phd was responsible for the political research at the Palestine Information Office of the Arab League in Ottawa as political attaché during Israel’s invasion of Lebanon during 1982-85, where he wrote the documentary study on the massacre of ‘Sabra & Shatila’. He was previously a lecturer in political science at York university, Toronto. The doctoral Thesis ‘Nation, Society and the State : the reconciliation of Palestinian and Jewish Nationhood’ was accepted at the Montréal Université du Québec à Montréal. Weizfeld volunteers with the ‘Tanweer’ Palestinian Cultural Enlightenment Forum of the city of Nablus in Palestine’s West Bank northern mountainous regions. His inspiration is derived from his Jewish Bundist mother who escaped from the Warsaw ghetto, and her brother, who resisted as a Partisan in the Russian forests. This explains the determination that he carries into his writings.
The End of Zionism : and the liberation of the Jewish People (1989) was an early Clarity Press, Inc. publication. It is still available for free here:
and here:

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