The general public is reeling from fake news. The very people who are calling it out frequently produce it. It’s no secret that large numbers of people are turned off by the increasingly evident lies and distortions of the mainstream media.  Even academia can be fearful and complicit.
Clarity titles provide an independent, objective analysis and propose solutions to some of the core issues facing us today– the looming catastrophes of war and climate change, the broken domestic and global economies, the incursions of artificial intelligence. Exposing the lies and errors of the past to help create a clued-in public resistant to further crimes and misadventures
Clarity publishes some of the most respected social critics presently writing, coming from every shade of the political spectrum to challenge the malign foreign and domestic policies of the extremist Center. They come from all walks of life, from diverse ethnicities and from every shade of the political spectrum. Some have held high positions in government, in the MSM, or at the United Nations; some hold credentials from or teach at prestigious universities. Some have done jail time or lost limbs in the pursuit of truth and justice.
We direct your attention to the many prominent persons who, by writing forewords, blurbs or reviews for Clarity authors, have vouched for them.  Of our 90+ titles, 50 foreign editions have been published in 16 different countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Japan, China, Russia and Spain.  Many of those foreign publishing companies acquiring Clarity titles are major houses in their own countries.  


A truly independent press such as Clarity cannot be created overnight. We have only been able to accomplish this through long years of dedication and unpaid labor.  This is what Clarity looked like in the beginning, decades ago:
Now it’s time to take Clarity to the next level, so that a succeeding generation of owners can sustain this venue for oncoming generations of authors pursuing justice and truth.



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    This Endowment has been established to seek your help in making Clarity Press sustainable into the future. All funds from this endowment will be devoted to publicizing our authors’ books in a manner we cannot otherwise afford.
    Without increasing public understanding of the full dimensions of the urgent  geopolitical, socio-economic and justice issues of our time, it will not be possible to move society toward positive change.