FOREIGN ENTANGLEMENTS: Ukraine, Biden & the Fractured American Political Consensus



What is it about Ukraine that seems to prevent the foreign policy Blob from finding a way out, as happened in Korea, Viet-Nam and Cambodia?

Can it be because Ukraine remains to this day the exclusive playground of a concentration of interests which, taken all together, constitute a who’s who of the Washington Establishment—including DARPA, DTRA, the EcoHealth Alliance, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to name but a few. For years, Kiev had served as a home away from home to US political figures and their offspring, furthering Ukraine’s deserved reputation for being one of the most corrupt places on Earth. For years, Ukraine offered all of them opportunities to advance their respective projects and operate with total impunity.

Arnaud Develay dives into the murky waters of Washington’s “external management” of Ukraine dating back to the infamous Maidan coup d’état and extending forward to include the political weaponization of law and elections foibles, past and forthcoming, reflecting the fracturing of the American political class.

It’s one hell of an expose, full of the nitty-gritty on how America seems ready and willing to tear itself apart.

“Arnaud Develay’s new book is a must-read!  This book shows how the corruption and lies of the liberal political establishment in the US has inexorably led to the terrible war in Ukraine.  Develay also demonstrates how democracy itself has been compromised and undermined, potentially fatally, in the process.  This insightful book is a crucial antidote to the incessant media propaganda which is helping to prop up a corrupt political system leading us to the brink of nuclear war.” Daniel Kovalik, Professor, University of Pittsburg School of Law and author of seven books

“An eye-opening account delving into the U.S. regime change scheme in Ukraine that masked high-level corruption and destroyed a country.”  Dr. Cynthia McKinney, former Congresswoman and Green Party Presidential Candidate

“Hard-hitting and comprehensive, Develay’s investigative treatise uncovers the real nexus of Ukrainian and U.S. Democratic Party establishment corruption. For anyone interested in what really happened, this book should be at the top of their reading list.” Patrick Henningsen, journalist and founder of 21st Century Wire


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