FRANCIS A. BOYLE is a leading American
    expert in international law. He was
    responsible for drafting the Biological
    Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, the
    American implementing legislation for the
    1972 Biological Weapons Convention. He
    served on the Board of Directors of
    Amnesty International (1988-1992), and
    represented Bosnia-Herzegovina at the
    World Court. He served as legal adviser to
    the Palestinian Delegation to the Middle
    East peace negotiations from 1991 to 1993.
    In 2007, he delivered the Bertrand Russell
    Peace Lectures. Professor Boyle teaches
    international law at the University of Illinois,
    Champaign and is author of, inter alia, The
    Future of International Law and American
    Foreign Policy, Foundations of World Order,
    The Criminality of Nuclear Deterrence,
    Palestine, Palestinians and International
    Law, Destroying World Order, Biowarfare &
    Terrorism, and Tackling America’s
    Toughest Questions. He holds a Doctor of
    Law Magna Cum Laude as well as a Ph.D. in
    Political Science, both from Harvard


    Sri Lanka’s government declared victory in May, 2009, in one of the world’s most
    intractable wars after a series of battles in which it killed the leader of the Tamil
    Tigers, who had been fighting to create a separate homeland for the country’s
    ethnic Tamil minority. The United Nations said the conflict had killed between
    80,000 and 100,000 people in Sri Lanka since full-scale civil war broke out in 1983.

    A US State Department report offered a grisly catalogue of alleged abuses,
    including the killing of captives or combatants seeking surrender, the abduction
    and in some cases murder of Tamil civilians, and dismal humanitarian conditions in
    camps for displaced persons.

    Human Rights Watch said the U.S. report should dispel any doubts that serious
    abuses were committed during the final months of the 26-year civil war. The report
    gains added significance since, during these five months, the Sri Lankan
    Government denied independent observers, including the media and human rights
    organizations, access to the war zone, and conducted a “war without witnesses.”

    This book traces the ongoing engagement of international lawyer Francis A. Boyle
    during the last years of the conflict. Boyle was among the very few addressing the
    international legal implications of the Sri Lankan Government’s grave and
    systematic violations of Tamil human rights while the conflict was taking place.
    This is the first book to develop an authoritative case for genocide against the
    Government of Sri Lanka under international law.


    Australia aiding and abetting Sri Lanka’s war crimes—Prof. Boyle / 9
    States financing Tamil internment, UN complicit in Crimes against Humanity—Boyle / 10
    SLA war crimes eerily similar to Srebrenica Scorpions’ terror, says Boyle / 11
    Boyle: India a moral failure, Colombo’s monstrosity matched only by Nazis / 14
    Boyle debunks Kohona’s war-crimes braggadocio / 18
    Boyle, Fein charge Sri Lanka with Genocide during Chennai seminar / 19
    Sinhala “lebensraum” in progress in Vanni, warns Prof.Boyle / 26
    UN Officials complicit in aiding, abetting GoSL’s Nazi-type crimes—Prof. Boyle / 28
    Unprincipled, shameless, “Orwellian” UN resolution ever—Prof. Boyle / 30
    “Glaring hypocrisy, blatant sophistry.” Boyle slams Swiss UN Resolution / 31
    “Accessories after the fact to acts of Genocide” / 33
    300,000 Tamils held in Nazi-style concentration camps, says Prof. Boyle / 34
    Sri Lanka destroys evidence, prevents ICRC, UN access—Prof. Boyle / 35
    “Klerk risks repeating Netherland’s criminality on Srebrenica genocide” / 36
    Prof. Boyle: Hold Emergency Meeting of UNSC to stop Tamil genocide
    US violates the Genocide Convention by permitting Sri Lanka to commit slow-motion genocide—
    Prof. Boyle / 42
    India should sue Sri Lanka in ICJ for massacre of 2000 Tamils—Prof. Boyle / 43
    UN violating Charter obligation to promote, encourage human rights—Prof. Boyle / 44
    Green light to rid Tigers while 50,000 lives at risk, Boyle faults US, UK / 46
    Slow-motion genocide to exceed horrors of Srebrenica, warns Prof. Boyle / 47
    India obligated to bring Sri Lanka’s genocide to UN Security Council—Prof. Boyle / 48
    Prof. Boyle calls for humanitarian airdrop to starving civilians in “safety zone” / 49
    Miliband’s statement obligates UK to take immediate UN action —Prof. Boyle / 50
    Stalling, obfuscation mirror UN’s actions before Srebrenica genocide / 52
    US should intervene directly with GoSL, LTTE to protect civilians—Professor Boyle / 53
    US support to IMF’s Sri Lanka loan illegal—Prof. Boyle / 55
    Boyle warns UN repeating Srebrenica debacle in Vanni / 58
    Stopping Sri Lanka’s genocide at ICJ, UN—Prof. Boyle / 59
    Evacuation would constitute U.S. “complicity in genocide”— Prof Boyle / 62
    Forced starvation constitutes an act of Genocide—Prof. Boyle / 63
    Britain trying to dodge obligations to prevent Genocide of Tamils—Prof. Boyle / 64
    Britain legally obliged to prevent Genocide in Sri Lanka: Prof. Boyle / 65
    India legally obliged to prevent GoSL’s genocide against Tamils—Prof. Boyle / 66
    Gotabaya should be prosecuted for Genocide, war crimes—Prof. Boyle / 69
    Appendix I: Trying to Stop Aggressive War and Genocide Against the People and the Republic of
    Bosnia and Herzegovina / 71
    Appendix II: Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions / 96
    Appendix III: UN Genocide Convention / 97
    Appendix IV: Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court
    [Selected articles] / 101
    Appendix V: Geneva Conventions Additional Protocol I [Selected articles] / 110

The Global Failure to Protect Tamil Rights
Under International Law
Francis A. Boyle
ISBN: 978-0-932863-70-6
$14.95 / 139 pp. / 2010

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International lawyer Francis A. Boyle (far left) on
the floor of the World Court in 1993, squaring off
against his adversary, Shabtai Rosenne (far
right) of Israel representing the rump Yugoslavia,
just before he argued and then won the first of
his two World Court Orders for Bosnia on the
basis of the 1948 Genocide Convention.
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Francis Boyle Speech on
Tamil Genocide On Sri Lanka