Donald Trump and
    the Unmaking of
    the Iran Nuclear

    Scott Ritter

    Foreword by
    Seymour Hersh

"Dealbreaker reads like a thriller. Based on
his expert knowledge and long experience,
Scott Ritter reveals the lies and illusions
behind the breaking of the Iran nuclear
Manufactured Crisis

"As the people who got Iraq wrong are still
all over your television explaining what
should be done next, here's a novel idea:
Read this book by Scott Ritter who got
Iraq right."  
author of
War Is A Lie

"Dealbreaker could not be timelier..."

    Divine or Demonic?

    David Ray Griffin

"This sharp, concise history of the American
Empire ultimately demonstrates, in Griffin’s
analysis, the ‘fraud’ of endorsing self-
praising American Exceptionalism.  A must

Asia Times/Hong Kong;
"The American Trajectory: Divine or
is essential reading to understand
the true nature of the 'exceptional' role of the
United States in world affairs—past, present
and future.”
International lawyer; author of
The World According to Whitbeck



"Dr McKinney has compiled works by an
mpressive  assortment of investigators,
academics, activists  and retired federal
employees to awaken us to the cruel realities
of US imperial policy from the era of Manifest
Destiny to the 'Full Spectrum Dominance' of
the present. This book is essential reading
for anyone who wants to know what's really
going on in  the wider world!"
author/editor of
Voices for Peace

Contributors include: Sami al-Arian, Baffour
Ankomah, The Saker, Mike Gravel, Paul
Craig Roberts, James Petras,  Charles
Onana, Wayne Madsen, Keith Harmon Snow,
Richard Falk, Kevin Barrett, Christopher
Black, Jose Maria Sisson and more...

    My Viet Nam
    Awakening to the
    Long History of US

               S. Brian Willson

"By providing the historical context for our
involvement in Viet Nam,  Willson pulls
back a curtain on U.S. imperialism that
cannot easily be closed again."
—Martin Sheen

"Brian Willson tells the truth about the
Vietnam War and about the sordid US
history of lies, war and empire: and he
writes as one who courageously put his
body on the line for these truths. A MUST
READ for all of us."
—Daniel Ellsberg
author of
The Pentagon Papers

"Few people really understood the terror
imposed upon innocent people by the US
policies and Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and
Central America.  Brian Willson, a lawyer
and a scholar did and does. Not only has
he given his body for his beliefs but he has
penned an extremely important book
complete with insights and history that
make it imperative reading for every
American citizen.  I highly recommend it."
—Helen Caldicott
As AI/robotics eliminates jobs across
the spectrum, governmental revenues will
plummet while the debt increases dramatically.  
This crisis of limited resources on all levels—
underfunded or non-existent pensions, health
problems, lack of savings, and job destruction
without comparable job creation—will drive
many into homelessness and produce a
dramatic rise in violence as we fight over
shrinking resources.

No area of work is sacrosanct. Work
opportunities are being eliminated from the
most “intellectual” activities down to the basic
areas of services and labor, including a range
of professional occupations heretofore thought
of as distinctly human:  in middle management,
finance, banking, insurance, medicine, high-
tech, transportation, law and even the arts.

"A sobering look at the far-reaching impact
that artificial intelligence may have on the
economy, the workforce, democracy and all of
The Artificial Intelligence Contagion
is a bellwether for anyone seeking to
comprehend the global disruption coming our
DAVID COOPER, President and
Technologist , Massive Designs
Can Democracy
Withstand the Imminent
Transformation of

Work, Wealth and
the Social Order?

David Barnhizer
& Daniel Barnhizer
Obama’s Unending Wars provides the first
comprehensive critical history of the foreign
policy of America’s forty-fourth president - the
drone king who ordered the bombing of seven
Muslim countries, backtracked on a pledge to
reduce America’s nuclear arsenal, and helped
fuel a new Cold War with Russia. Obama during
his years in office provided billions of dollars in
arms sales to Saudi Arabia as it assisted in the
crushing of pro-democracy demonstrators in
Bahrain and invaded Yemen.  He sanctioned a
coup in Honduras which plunged that country into
chaos, perpetuated a failed drug war policy and
contributed to the recolonization of Africa.

As many in the time of Trump now glance
nostalgically back to the Obama presidency, this
book will help them to see the continuity -- and
continuous failure -- of American foreign policy
irrespective of the party or figurehead
representing it.
Fronting the Foreign
Policy of the
Warfare State

Jeremy Kuzmarov
4th Edition

Robert C. Fellmeth
& Jessia K. Heldman
Child Rights and Remedies provides a
comprehensive examination of how United
States law and policy affects the lives and
futures of children. This law school text covers
a broad spectrum of major cases, statutes,
and relevant empirical evidence that illustrate
how children are faring in light of how our
legal and political systems function. Uniquely
among juvenile law texts,
Child Rights and
begins by delving into the
underlying political context of available
remedies for children, highlighting the special
status of children – a status that does not
always work to their advantage, particularly
vis a vis special interests with far greater
access to and influence over all branches of
government. Within this context, the text
explores the barriers to developing policy
favorable to children with regard to poverty,
education, health, special needs, child care,
child abuse, juvenile delinquency,
reproductive rights, custody and civil liberties.
This updated edition also explores the timely
issue of immigration and the rights of children,
a politically charged area of law and policy
deeply impacting vast numbers of children.