HOW WALL STREET FLEECES AMERICA Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War


[Stephen Lendman receiving the MEXICAN PRESS CLUB‘s Award for International Investigative Journalism, Dec. 8, 2011.]

This book provides a powerful tool for showing angry Americans how they’ve been fleeced, and includes a plan for constructive change.

“Stephen Lendman has been tireless in exposing the hidden forces behind the news, on everything from political economy and human rights to social justice and workers’ rights. His writings draw from a wealth of knowledge and deep conviction. I’m delighted to see him tackle the problem of private banking and government collusion and what I believe is the key to the solution: public banking.”

ELLEN BROWN,  Web of Debt

“I think this text is terrific, just what is needed, very clear, informative beyond most people’s ken, easy to read, and of ultimate importance to steering economic and political recovery. The Capitalism and Freedom chapter is right in biopsy. The book just keeps on going with brilliant full exposure.”
Unequal Freedoms: The Global Market as an Ethical System

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