How the US Drive for Hegemony
Risks World War III
edited by
Stephen Lendman

ISBN: 978-0-9860731-4-4  269 pp.
$24.95   2014



Flashpoint in Ukraine provides insight into today's gravest
geopolitical crisis since WW II. Possible global war looms.  

Viewed from the perspective of Western mainstream media, the
crisis arose due to pro-democracy activists overturning a brutal
dictatorship, which led swiftly to Russian incursion into Ukraine and
annexation of Crimea.  

Viewed from the perspective of the 22 highly-credentialed analysts
who have contributed to this anthology, it’s an entirely different
story.  Obama's pivot is global, in pursuit of unchallenged worldwide
dominance, leading to multiple direct and proxy wars. N
dominated Washington seeks to marginalize its Russian and Chinese
rivals, surrounding both countries with US bases.
Ukraine is in the
eye of the storm, the crown jewel of NATO eastward expansion, the
last step in Washington's drive to incorporate all former Soviet
republics and Warsaw Pact countries into NATO and install missile
defense sites on Russia’s very border.

To that end, the US has poured some $5 billion into “pro-democracy”
NGOs which, counter to intention or not, were soon swept aside by
neo-Nazi groups, and leading to the installation as President of
former banker, Arseniy Yatseniuk, advance leaked as the unelected
pick of Victoria Nuland, US Assistant Secretary of State for European
and Eurasian Affairs.

While, as it is argued here, Russia did not invade Crimea and in fact
has taken an extremely measured response with primary emphasis
on diplomacy and ending the crisis, NATO, European and US
spokespersons and media are seeking to dramatize and indeed
resurrect a “Russian threat”. Eastern resistance forestalls Obama's
imperial project. The West appears willing to pursue it, at the risk not
just of Ukrainian civil war and potential East/West confrontation but
of global nuclear war.

The flashpoint in Ukraine risks the unthinkable.

This book explains what everyone needs to know, to get the world
off the bandwagon to war.


Robert Abele is Professor of Philosophy at Diablo Valley College, CA.
His books include
Democracy Gone and Anatomy of a Deception,
discussing the Iraq invasion, occupation, and preparation for the
next deception.

Michel Chossudovsky is Professor Emeritus of economics,
University of Ottawa and Founder/Director of the Centre for
Research on Globalization (CRG). His most recent book is
Towards a
World War III Scenario:  The Dangers of Nuclear War.

Edward S. Herman is Professor Emeritus of finance at the Wharton
School, University of Pennsylvania. He's written extensively on
economics, political economy, and the media. Among his books are

Corporate Control, Corporate Power; The Real Terror Network; The
Political Economy of Human Rights
(with Noam Chomsky); and
Manufacturing Consent (with Noam Chomsky).

Nolan Higdon is adjunct faculty in history at several colleges in the
San Francisco Bay Area and a faculty research affiliate with Project

Michael Hudson is Distinguished Research Professor of Economics
at UMKC, and former Professor of Economics and Director of
Economic Research at the Latvia Graduate School of Law. His most
recent articles on the post-Soviet economies are “Stockholm
Syndrome in the Baltics: Latvia’s neoliberal war against labor and
industry,” in Jeffrey Sommers and Charles Woolfson, eds.,
Contradictions of Austerity: The Socio-Economic Costs of the Neoliberal
Baltic Model
(Routledge 2014), pp. 44-63, and “How Neoliberal Tax
and Financial Policy Impoverishes Russia – Needlessly,”
Mir Peremen
(The World of Transformations), 2012.

Mickey Huff is professor of social science and history at Diablo
Valley College in northern California where he is department co-
chair; director of Project Censored; and co-host of the Project
Censored Show on Pacifica Radio, a weekly public affairs program.

Andrew Kolin is Professor of Political Science at Hilbert College. His
research focuses on state power and how authorities use force and
violence. His books include
State Power and Democracy and State
Structure and Genocide
, which elaborates his thesis that America is
now a police state.

John Kozy is a retired philosophy professor, now writing on social,
political and economic issues. He taught for many years and has
been writing for many more.

Stephen Lendman is a writer and broadcaster, hosting The
Progressive Radio News Hour on The Progressive Radio Network.
Lendman was awarded the Mexican Press Club's International
Investigatory Journalism award in 2011 in an awards ceremony
televised throughout Latin America.  His books
How Wall Street
Fleeces America and Banker Occupation have also been published in
China.  He holds a BA from Harvard and an MBA from Wharton. .

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya is an interdisciplinary sociologist, award-
winning author, and noted geopolitical analyst. He is a researcher at
the Centre for Research on Globalization in Montreal, Canada, an
expert contributor at the Strategic Cultural Foundation in Moscow,
Russia, and a member of the Scientific Committee of Geopolitica, a
peer-reviewed journal of geopolitics in Italy. He is author of
Globalization of NATO.  In 2011, he was awarded the prestigious First
National Prize of the Mexican Press Club for his work in international
investigative journalism.

Cynthia McKinney is a former US Congresswoman and 2008 Green
Party candidate for President of the United States.  Her latest books
The Illegal War on Libya and Ain't Nothing Like Freedom.

John McMurtry is an internationally recognized moral and political
philosopher. He is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
and Professor Emeritus at the University of Guelph, Ontario. He is
the author of the multi-volume Philosophy and World Problems,
written for the UNESCO Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems, and
most recently
The Cancer Stage of Capitalism:  From Crisis to Cure.

Michael Parenti (Ph.D., Yale University) is an internationally known,
award-winning author, scholar, and lecturer who addresses a wide
variety of political and cultural subjects. Among his recent books are

The Face of Imperialism (2011), Waiting for Yesterday (an ethnic
memoir), God and His Demons (2010), Contrary Notions: The Michael
Parenti Reader (2007),
and The Culture Struggle (2006).

David Peterson is an independent journalist and researcher. He and
Edward Herman co-authored
The Politics of Genocide.

James Petras is Professor Emeritus at Binghamton University, New
York, a noted figure on the left, author of numerous books, winner of
the American Sociological Association’s Lifetime Achievement
Award, and longtime chronicler of Latin American popular struggles
and the power of Israel in the US. His most recent book is
Politics of Empire: The US, Israel and the Middle East.

Peter Phillips is a Sonoma State University Sociology Professor and
former Director of Project Censored (PC). He's currently President of
the Media Freedom Foundation (MFF) initiative for First Amendment
freedoms and investigative research.

Jack Rasmus teaches politics and economics at St. Mary’s College in
Moraga, California and is a lecturer in labor economics and US
economic history at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the
author of several recent books on Political Economy in the U.S.,
Obama’s Economy: Recovery for the Few and forthcoming in
late 2014,
America’s Ten Crises.  He is the host of the weekly New
York hourly radio show, ‘Alternative Visions’ on the Progressive
Radio Network.

Paul Craig Roberts was former Assistant Treasury Secretary under
Ronald Reagan, a Wall Street Journal Associate Editor/columnist, and
holder of numerous academic appointments, including the William E.
Simon Chair, Center for Strategic and International Studies,
Georgetown. His most recent books are
The Failure of Laissez Faire
Capitalism and  How America Was Lost.

Rick Rozoff is an activist, anti-war supporter, and Stop NATO web site
editor. He extensively documents and opposes global militarist
trends in expanding imperial theaters of war.

Rodney Shakespeare is a Professor of Binary Economics at Trisakti
University, Britain. He teaches postgraduate Islamic Economics and

Jeffrey Sommers is Associate Professor and Senior Fellow of the
Institute of World Affairs at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.
He is also Visiting Faculty at the Stockholm School of Economics in
Riga. He is co-editor with Charles Woolfson of
The Contradictions of
Austerity: the Socioeconomic Costs of the Baltic States
Press, 2014).

Matthew Witt is Professor of Public Administration at the University
of La Verne in California where he teaches courses in public
administration theory, integrative ethical leadership, urban
environments and managing sustainable communities. He has
published in leading academic journals examining how race and
racism shape and are shaped by public institutions and practices. He
has also published on state crimes against democracy (SCADs),
serving as lead editor for the first published SCAD symposium,
appearing in
American Behavioral Scientist in May, 2010.

Stephen Lendman is a
writer and broadcaster,
hosting The Progressive
Radio News Hour on The
Progressive Radio
Network. Lendman was
awarded t
he Mexican
Press Club's International
Investigatory Journalism
Award in 2011 in an
awards ceremony
televised throughout Latin
America. His
books, How
Wall Street Fleeces
America  and Banker
Occupation have since
been published in China.  
He holds a BA from
Harvard and an MBA from
Table of Contents

Introduction / 9
Stephen Lendman

Washington’s Recklessness Endangers the World / 15
Paul Craig Roberts  

Washington Has Set the World on a Path to War / 19
Paul Craig Roberts

The New Cold War’s Ukraine Gambit / 26
Michael Hudson

Obama’s Ukrainian Power Grab, Sanctions and the
Boomerang Effect / 46
James Petras

Ukraine and Regime Change / 49
Michael Parenti

Ukraine:  Another Step in Capitalism’s Global Dominance
Strategies and Power Inside the Transnational Global Corporate
Class and US-NATO Global Empire / 54
Peter Phillips, Mickey Huff and Nolan Higdon

Orange Revolution 2.0 / 64
Stephen Lendman

Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Ukraine:
Another War Based on Lies, Pretexts, and Profiteering? / 80
Cynthia McKinney

The Geo-Politics Behind EuroMaidan / 90
Mahdi Nazemroaya  

Crisis in Ukraine: Russia Extends its Control over the
Black Sea and Strategic Waterways / 109
Michel Chossudovsky  

The Geostrategic Significance of Ukraine
in NATO’s Drive to the East / 114
Rick Rozoff

Who Benefits from the Ukraine Economic Crisis? / 119
Jack Rasmus

Mother Russia: An Elusive Prize / 131
John Kozy

Hangover in Ukraine: Treaty of Versailles Spirits
Packaged in Bretton Woods Bottles. The Morning After / 138
Jeffrey Sommers

The Labyrinth of Geography in a Time of Terror / 152
Matthew T. Witt

Containing Russia / 163
Stephen Lendman

The Ukraine Crisis and the Propaganda System in Overdrive / 171
Edward S. Herman and David Peterson

The Norms of Justice, International Law, and the ‘Duty to Protect’ /
Robert Abele  

The Odessa Massacre / 215
Stephen Lendman

Ukraine: From Coup to Police State / 219
Andrew Kolin

The Kiev Putsch:  Rebel Workers Take Power in the East / 227
James Petras

Is Ukraine a Turning Point in History? / 234
Rodney Shakespeare

Washington Intends Russia’s Demise / 241
Paul Craig Roberts

The Ukraine Crisis: Decoding its Deep Structural Meaning /
John McMurtry

Contributors / 262

Index / 265
22 Respected Geopolitical Analysts Counter the Fraudulent Western Narrative on Ukraine
PROJECT CENSORED/KPFT discusses Ukraine by
looking at
Contributors Michel Chossudovsky, Michael Parenti,
Cynthia McKinney, with hosts Mickey Huff, Peter Phillips,
Nolan Higdon
is contributor to anthology
the US Drive for Hegemony Threatens World War III
RT's The Truthseeker: NATO's 'Gladio' army in Ukraine
interviews Stephen Lendman
/Flashpoint in Ukraine
Lendman alerts to possible pogrom of Jewish communities
by neo-Nazis in Ukraine

"The book’s contributions illuminate not only the background of
the Ukraine conflict, but also the expansionist goals of the US-
NATO alliance.
Flashpoint in Ukraine can therefore be highly

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"...a thorough but sharply critical
account of the role of the West in
the now three-year Ukrainian civil
war, the political epicenter of the
new Cold War."
—STEPHEN F. COHEN, Professor
Emeritus of Russian Studies, New
York University/Princeton
The Boston Globe